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Agriculture faces enormous challenges during the next decades to meet the demands of the growing human population. Farmers must produce higher yields on less land in an environmentally sustainable way by reducing input of fertilizers and pesticides. Crops must adapt to changing environments while providing good performance. Modern day staple crops are not optimized for human health needs, yet much of the human population relies on them for calories and nutrition. Agricultural sciences have made notable achievements in the past forty years, and recent biotechnology advances are reducing pesticide inputs and providing benefits to farmers. With the increasing cost of petroleum and the advances that are being made in the generation of bioethanol there will be greater pressure on farmland for the production of energy crops. The Gordon Research Conference on Agricultural Sciences brings together a panel of leading scientists to discuss current and future developments in agricultural biotechnology to meet the challenges ahead.

What is a GRC? Gordon Research Conferences (GRC) are 5-day meetings that bring scientists together from around the world to present and discuss unpublished research with other leaders in their field.

Meeting History

YearMeeting NameDatesConference SiteChair(s)
2007 Agricultural Science
Agricultural Biotechnology: Today and Tomorrow
Mar 11-16 Four Points Sheraton / Holiday Inn Express Wilhelm Gruissem
Ken Feldmann
2005 Agricultural Science
Adding More Value to Production Agriculture
Feb 13-18 Crowne Plaza Ann M. Hirsch
Keith D. Wing
2003 Agricultural Science Feb 16-21 Ventura Beach Marriott John A. Ryals
Sarjeet S. Gill
2001 Agricultural Science
Diversity Exploration in Agricultural Sciences
Feb 11-16 Ventura Beach Marriott Bruce D. Hammock
Mark A. Stidham
1999 Agricultural Science
Genomics in Crop Production
Feb 14-19 Four Points Sheraton / Holiday Inn Express Daniel P. O'Keefe
David C. Sands
1997 Agricultural Science
Design and Discovery in Crop Protection
Feb 9-14 Four Points Sheraton / Holiday Inn Express Rene Feyereisen
Mani V. Subramanian
1995 Agricultural Science
Synergies in Pest Control
Feb 5-10 Casa Sirena Hotel Jonathan Gressel
David A. Fischhoff
1993 Agricultural Science Jan 25-29 Casa Sirena Hotel Stephen Dumford
Robert M. Hollingworth
1991 Agricultural Science Jan 28 - Feb 1 Casa Sirena Hotel William E. Marshall
1989 Agricultural Science
New Frontiers
Jan 16-20 Casa Sirena Hotel Julius J. Menn
1987 Agricultural Science Jan 26-30 Miramar Hotel Lawrence Rappaport
1985 Agricultural Science
Forefront Technology in Crop Protection and Productivity
Jan 28 - Feb 1 Casa Sirena Hotel Elliot Bergman
1983 Agricultural Science
Opportunities and Strategies for Resolving Problems Associated with Crop Productivity and Protection
Jan 24-28 Crowne Plaza Donald E. Moreland
1981 Agricultural Science Jan 26-30 Crowne Plaza Richard A. Patterson
1979 Agricultural Science Jan 29 - Feb 2 Miramar Hotel Fred W. Slife
1977 Agricultural Science Jan 17-21 Miramar Hotel Harold A. Kaufman
1975 Agricultural Science
Interspecies Interactions of Agricultural Significance
Jul 7-11 Brewster Academy Richard Levins
1971 Biochemistry in Agriculture Jun 21-25 Proctor Academy Arthur W. Galston
1970 Biochemistry in Agriculture Jun 29 - Jul 3 Holderness School Edward F. Rogers
1969 Biochemistry in Agriculture Aug 11-15 Providence Heights College Carl A. Leopold
1968 Biochemistry & Agriculture
Chemical Control Systems
Jun 24-28 Tilton School Richard J. Magee
1967 Biochemistry & Agriculture
Control of Growth and Development
Jun 19-23 Tilton School Edward E. Smissman
1966 Biochemistry & Agriculture Jun 13-17 Tilton School Paul D. Strickler
1965 Biochemistry & Agriculture Jun 14-18 Tilton School Richard D. O'Brien
1964 Biochemistry & Agriculture Jun 15-19 Tilton School Ernest Jaworski
1963 Biochemistry & Agriculture Jun 10-14 Tilton School John B. Hanson
1962 Biochemistry & Agriculture Jun 18-22 New Hampton School Frank Stark
1961 Biochemistry & Agriculture Jul 24-28 Tilton School James Liverman
Frank Stark
1959 Biochemistry & Agriculture Aug 3-7 Kimball Union Academy Robert S. Bandurski
George L. McNew
1957 Biochemistry & Agriculture Jul 29 - Aug 2 Kimball Union Academy A. G. Norman
1955 Plant Biochemistry & Agriculture Jul 25-29 Kimball Union Academy J. Van Overbeek
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