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What is a GRC? Gordon Research Conferences (GRC) are 5-day meetings that bring scientists together from around the world to present and discuss unpublished research with other leaders in their field.

Meeting History

YearMeeting NameDatesConference SiteChair(s)
2010 Composites
Toward the Development of Sustainable & Nanotechnology Inspired Multi-Functional Composites
Jan 17-22 Four Points Sheraton / Holiday Inn Express Gale Holmes
2008 Composites Jan 13-18 Crowne Plaza Ton Peijs
2006 Composites
Transcending Time and Length Scales to Realize New Phenomena/Applications
Jan 15-20 Crowne Plaza Alan J. Lesser
2004 Composites Jan 4-9 Crowne Plaza Jim L. Thomason
2002 Composites Jan 6-11 Ventura Beach Marriott Lynn S. Penn
2000 Composites
Composite Materials Science and Engineering in the New Century: The Balancing Roles of Imagination, Intuition and Knowledge
Jan 9-14 Ventura Beach Marriott Daniel H. Wagner
1999 Composites Jan 10-15 Ventura Beach Marriott Richard S. Parnas
1998 Composites Jan 4-9 Ventura Beach Marriott John A. Nairn
1997 Composites Jan 5-10 Four Points Sheraton / Holiday Inn Express Lawrence T. Drzal
1996 Composites Jan 7-12 Ventura Beach Marriott Dodd H. Grande
1994 Composites Jan 9-14 Ventura Beach Marriott Norman J. Johnston
1993 Composites Jan 11-15 Ventura Beach Marriott Albert F. Yee
1992 Composites Jan 13-17 Ventura Beach Marriott Roger S. Porter
1991 Composites Jan 14-18 Ventura Beach Marriott Alan N. Gent
1990 Composites Jan 2-6 Ventura Beach Marriott Anthony T. Dibenedetto
1989 Composites Jan 9-13 Ventura Beach Marriott Richard M. Ikeda
1988 Composites Jan 11-15 Ventura Beach Marriott Luigi Nicolais
1987 Composites
Interrelating Design, Manufacturing, and Chemistry
Jan 12-16 Miramar Hotel James C. Seferis
1986 Composites Jan 13-17 Miramar Hotel Clarence J. Wolf
1985 Composites Jan 14-18 Miramar Hotel Edmund Fitzgerald
1984 Composites Jan 16-20 Miramar Hotel Richard J. Farris
1983 Composite Materials Jan 17-21 Miramar Hotel John L. Kardos
1982 Composites Jan 18-22 Crowne Plaza R J. Diefendorf
1981 Composites Jan 19-23 Crowne Plaza Frank P. Gerstle
1980 Composites, Mechanisms in Jan 21-25 Miramar Hotel John C. Halpin
1979 Polymers and Composites, Deformation and Failure Mechanisms in Jan 22-26 Miramar Hotel Lawrence Devries
1978 Polymers and Composites, Deformation Mechanisms and Failure of Jan 16-20 Miramar Hotel Sanford S. Sternstein
1977 Polymer Composites, Deformation and Failure Mechanics in Jan 3-7 Miramar Hotel Robert F. Landel
1976 Polymers and Composites, Deformation Mechanisms and Failure of Jan 19-23 Miramar Hotel Sidney J. Green
1975 Polymers and Composites, Energy Absorbing Mechanisms in Jan 13-17 Miramar Hotel William T. Barry
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