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What is a GRC? Gordon Research Conferences (GRC) are 5-day meetings that bring scientists together from around the world to present and discuss unpublished research with other leaders in their field.

Meeting History

YearMeeting NameDatesConference SiteChair(s)
1996 Glass Jun 23-28 Tilton School George H. Sigel
1994 Glass Jun 26 - Jul 1 Tilton School Delbert E. Day
1992 Glass
Optical Phenomena in Glass
Jun 29 - Jul 3 Tilton School Marvin J. Weber
1990 Glass Jun 25-29 Tilton School Robert J. Eagan
1988 Glass Aug 1-5 Tilton School Joseph H. Simmons
1985 Glass Aug 5-9 New Hampton School James E. Shelby
1983 Glass Aug 8-12 New Hampton School Cornelius Moynihan
1981 Glass Aug 3-7 Plymouth State College Peter G. Schultz
1978 Glass
Glass Fibers, Ribbons and Surfaces
Aug 21-25 Tilton School Donald R. Uhlman
1976 Glass
Glass Melting
Aug 2-6 Plymouth State College Stanley M. Ohlberg
1975 Glass
Interactions Between Chemical and Physical Phenomena in Glass
Aug 11-15 Brewster Academy Robert H. Doremus
1973 Glassy State
Structure of Glass
Aug 20-24 Brewster Academy Alfred R. Cooper
1971 Glassy State
Ionic Transport Phenomena in Glass
Jun 28 - Jul 2 Wayland Academy Morton E. Milberg
1969 Glass Jun 23-27 Proctor Academy F.M. Ernsberger
1967 Glass
Structure and Properties of Simple Glass-Formers
Aug 28 - Sep 1 Tilton School C R. Kurkjian
1965 Glass Aug 30 - Sep 3 Tilton School Martin Goldstein
1963 Glass Aug 26-30 Tilton School Norbert J. Kreidl
1961 Glass
Electrical and Relaxation Processes in Glass
Aug 7-11 Tilton School R. J. Charles
1958 Glass
Physicochemical Aspects of Glass
Aug 25-29 Kimball Union Academy James E. Archer
1957 Glass
Rate Processes in Glass
Aug 26-30 Kimball Union Academy T. H. Davies
1956 Glass
Strength, Fracture and Surfaces
Aug 27-31 Kimball Union Academy Orson L. Anderson
1955 Glass Aug 15-19 Kimball Union Academy F. C. Flint
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