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High Temperature Materials, Processes & Diagnostics
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High temperature science is ubiquitous - critical to many processes and applications all around us, such as heat engines, combustion, high temperature fuel cells, nuclear power generation, chemical plant processes, semiconductor processing, as well as many geological and cosmochemical processes. The Gordon Research Conference on High Temperature Materials, Processes, and Diagnostics addresses fundamental issues in high temperature science. It began in 1960 as the Gordon Research Conference in High Temperature Chemistry. The early conferences focused on the high temperature chemistry of both vapor and condensed phases. Topics included fundamental vaporization and condensation processes, structures of inorganic vapor phase molecules, gas/solid interactions, reaction and diffusion in the solid state, and conductivity of novel solid electrolytes. Many of the presentations were given by pioneers in the field and the topics grew into very active fields of research.

High temperature science has become an inherently interdisciplinary field, involving researchers from chemistry, materials science, physics, geology, and various engineering fields. Thus over the years the conference has evolved, and in 1998 the name was changed to “High Temperature Materials, Processes, and Diagnostics” to reflect current critical research interests in high temperature science. The development of high temperature metals, ceramics, semiconductors, polymers, and composites is necessary for many advanced energy conversion concepts. Many large research groups are focused specifically on high temperature materials. The dramatic growth of computational modeling tools from atomistic to the continuum scales has had a big impact on this research and the conference includes sessions on these techniques. The term "processes" in the conference title encompasses chemical changes, physical changes, as well as materials preparation. Another growth area in high temperature science is the development of sophisticated analytical techniques specifically for high temperature systems and recent conferences have included presentations on these methods.

Some of the most challenging technological problems of the future, such as developing clean, efficient energy conversion will be solved with high temperature science. We are currently anticipating our 50th anniversary conference in 2010, and we look forward to another fifty years of Gordon Conferences on High Temperature Materials, Processes, and Diagnostics, to address fundamental issues at the forefront of high temperature science.

What is a GRC? Gordon Research Conferences (GRC) are 5-day meetings that bring scientists together from around the world to present and discuss unpublished research with other leaders in their field.

Meeting History

YearMeeting NameDatesConference SiteChair(s)
2010 High Temperature Materials, Processes & Diagnostics
Discovery and Design of Materials for High-Temperature Applications
Jul 18-23 Colby College Marius Stan
2008 High Temperature Materials, Processes & Diagnostics Jul 20-25 Colby College Elizabeth J. Opila
2006 High Temperature Materials, Processes & Diagnostics Jul 16-21 Colby College Brian W. Sheldon
2004 High Temperature Materials, Processes & Diagnostics Aug 1-6 Colby College Klaus Hilpert
2002 High Temperature Materials, Processes & Diagnostics Aug 4-9 Colby College Theodore M. Besmann
2000 High Temperature Materials, Processes & Diagnostics Jul 23-28 Plymouth State College Nathan S. Jacobson
1998 High Temperature Materials, Processes & Diagnostics Jul 19-24 Plymouth State College James L. Gole
1996 High Temperature Chemistry Jul 21-26 Tilton School Jimmie G. Edwards
1994 High Temperature Chemistry Jul 31 - Aug 5 Kimball Union Academy Robert H. Hauge
1992 High Temperature Chemistry Jul 20-24 Kimball Union Academy Clifford E. Myers
1990 High Temperature Chemistry Jul 23-27 Kimball Union Academy Margaret A. Frisch
1988 High Temperature Chemistry Jul 25-29 Plymouth State College Paul C. Nordine
1986 High Temperature Chemistry Jul 21-25 Brewster Academy Don L. Hildenbrand
1984 High Temperature Chemistry Jul 23-27 Brewster Academy Karl E. Spear
1982 High Temperature Chemistry Jul 26-30 Tilton School Wayne L. Worrell
1980 High Temperature Chemistry Aug 4-8 Plymouth State College John W. Hastie
1978 High Temperature Chemistry Aug 7-11 Brewster Academy E David Cater
1976 High Temperature Chemistry Jul 5-9 Tilton School Joe Berkowitz
1974 High Temperature Chemistry Jul 22-26 Proctor Academy Gerd M. Rosenblatt
1972 High Temperature Chemistry Aug 7-11 Proctor Academy K. Douglas Carlson
1970 High Temperature Chemistry
Order-Disorder and Meanings of High-Temperature Chemistry
Jul 6-10 Providence Heights College Robert J. Thorn
1968 High Temperature Chemistry Jul 29 - Aug 2 Crystal Inn Daniel D. Cubicciotti
1966 High Temperature Chemistry Jul 25-29 Tilton School Leroy Eyring
1964 High Temperature Chemistry Jul 27-31 Tilton School William A. Chupka
1962 High Temperature Chemistry Aug 20-24 Kimball Union Academy Paul W. Gilles
1960 High Temperature Chemistry
Kinetics of Vaporization and Condensation Processes
Aug 29 - Sep 2 Kimball Union Academy Leo Brewer
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