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Geochemistry of Mineral Deposits
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What is a GRC? Gordon Research Conferences (GRC) are 5-day meetings that bring scientists together from around the world to present and discuss unpublished research with other leaders in their field.

Related Conference

This Gordon Research Conference (GRC) series is related to the "Geochemistry of Mineral Deposits" Gordon Research Seminar (GRS) series. Although a related GRS will typically be scheduled in conjunction with its parent GRC each time it meets, that may not always be the case. Refer to the individual meetings in the Meeting History section below for more details. For more information about the associated Gordon Research Seminar (GRS) series, click here.

What is a GRS? Gordon Research Seminars (GRS) are 2-day meetings that bring graduate students and post-docs together to discuss their cutting edge research among peers and mentors. Each GRS immediately precedes an associated Gordon Research Conference (GRC), and topics addressed at the GRS relate closely to the GRC.

Meeting History

YearMeeting NameDatesConference SiteChair(s)
2018 Geochemistry of Mineral Deposits
Mineralizing Processes Across All Scales
Aug 5-10 Waterville Valley David Cooke
Claire M. Chamberlain
2016 Geochemistry of Mineral Deposits
From Deep Earth to Surface: Metals for Society
Jun 19-24 Les Diablerets Conference Center Robert P. Moritz
Francois Robert
2012 Geochemistry of Mineral Deposits Jul 15-20 Proctor Academy John Muntean
Jon Hronsky
2008 Geochemistry of Mineral Deposits
Global Metal Resources: Geological Processes in Space and Time
Jun 29 - Jul 4 Renaissance Tuscany Il Ciocco Christoph A. Heinrich
Grigore Simon
2005 Inorganic Geochemistry Jul 31 - Aug 5 Proctor Academy Jean S. Cline
Steve L. Garwin
2001 Inorganic Geochemistry Aug 19-24 Proctor Academy John FH. Thompson
Jeffrey W. Hedenquist
1997 Inorganic Geochemistry Aug 10-15 New England College Mark H. Reed
Robert Schafer
Kevin L. Shelton
1993 Inorganic Geochemistry Aug 15-20 Tilton School Robert J. Bodnar
Stephen E. Kesler
1989 Inorganic Geochemistry Aug 14-18 Proctor Academy Daniel Rye
1987 Inorganic Geochemistry
Atomistic Processes in Inorganic Geochemistry
Aug 17-21 Proctor Academy David Veblen
George R. Rossman
1985 Inorganic Geochemistry
Inorganic Geochemistry of Hydrothermal Ore Deposits
Aug 5-9 Proctor Academy David Crerar
George Brimhall
1983 Inorganic Geochemistry
Quantification of Petrologic Processes
Aug 22-26 Holderness School Bruce D. Marsh
Antonio C. Lasaga
1981 Inorganic Geochemistry Aug 17-21 Colby-Sawyer College Marco T. Einaudi
Hiroshi Ohmoto
1979 Inorganic Geochemistry
Equilibrium and Kinetic Properties of Silicate Melts
Aug 20-24 Holderness School C. Wayne Burnham
George W. Fischer
1977 Inorganic Geochemistry
Inorganic Geochemistry of Ore Deposits
Jul 11-15 Proctor Academy Harold C. Helgeson
Denis Norton
1975 Inorganic Geochemistry
Thermodynamics in Petrology
Aug 25-29 Holderness School James B. Thompson
1973 Geochemistry
Hydrothermal Fluids and Ore Deposits
Aug 27-31 Proctor Academy Ulrich Peterson
Philip M. Bethke
1971 Geochemistry
Mixed Volatiles and Metamorphism
Aug 30 - Sep 3 Holderness School H J. Greenwood
Philip M. Orville
1969 Geochemistry
Ore Deposits
Aug 25-29 Holderness School Heinrich D. Holland
Brian Skinner
1968 Geochemistry Aug 26-30 Holderness School S. R. Silverman
1967 Geochemistry
Nonmarine Geochemistry
Aug 21-25 New Hampton School Kenneth S. Deffeyes
Robert W. Rex
1966 Geochemistry Aug 15-19 Tilton School Charles L. Christ
Robert M. Garrels
1965 Geochemistry
Low Temperature Geochemistry
Aug 16-20 Tilton School Heinrich D. Holland
1964 Geochemistry
Aug 17-21 Tilton School K. O. Emery
1963 Geochemistry
Origin of Petroleum
Aug 19-23 Tilton School Frederick D. Rossini
Harold M. Smith
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