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Photonuclear Reactions
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The GRC on Photonuclear Reactions brings leading researchers and young physicists together to both discuss current theoretical and experimental work on electron and photon scattering from nucleons and nuclei, and to identify important future directions for the field. The Photonuclear Reactions GRC typically has representatives from all/most active electron accelerators worldwide that operate in the energy region between about 100 MeV and several GeV, reporting on the most recent experimental work from these facilities.

The range of topics discussed has changed over the years. In the early years, much emphasis was placed on research to elucidate nuclear structure properties in heavy elements - with an eye toward understanding how nucleons would interact collectively to generate structure, and how such collective excitations related to the underlying nucleon-nucleon interactions. Over the past two decades, our field has moved more toward detailed studies of the nucleon-nucleon interaction and few-nucleon systems, and toward understanding the detailed structure of the nucleon itself and how such structure can be related to the underlying Quantum Chromo Dynamics of the quarks and gluon. Topics which have been discussed in recent years include: the chiral structure of the nucleon, electroweak-nuclear physics, few-nucleon systems, the transition to the scaling regime, perturbative Quantum-Chromo Dynamics (pQCD) as applied to photonuclear physics, Compton Scattering and Generalized Parton Distributions (GPD), nucleon spin structure, baryon spectroscopy, new form-factor results, new "pushing the envelope" developments in theory and experiment, and non-traditional applications of photonuclear physics.

What is a GRC? Gordon Research Conferences (GRC) are 5-day meetings that bring scientists together from around the world to present and discuss unpublished research with other leaders in their field.

Meeting History

YearMeeting NameDatesConference SiteChair(s)
2018 Photonuclear Reactions Aug 5-10 Holderness School Julie Roche
Nicole D'Hose
2016 Photonuclear Reactions
New Trends in Probing Quark-Gluon Dynamics
Aug 7-12 Holderness School Alberto Accardi
2014 Photonuclear Reactions
From Quarks to Nuclei
Aug 10-15 Holderness School Ronald A. Gilman
Lothar Tiator
2012 Photonuclear Reactions Aug 5-10 Holderness School Misak M. Sargsian
2010 Photonuclear Reactions Aug 1-6 Tilton School Rolf Ent
2008 Photonuclear Reactions Aug 10-15 Tilton School Sabine Jeschonnek
2006 Photonuclear Reactions Jul 30 - Aug 4 Tilton School Adam J. Sarty
2004 Photonuclear Reactions Aug 1-6 Tilton School Daniel Phillips
2002 Photonuclear Reactions Aug 18-23 Tilton School Elizabeth J. Beise
2000 Photonuclear Reactions Jul 30 - Aug 4 Tilton School C.W. (Kees) De Jager
Annalisa D'Angelo
1998 Photonuclear Reactions Jul 26-31 Tilton School William Bertozzi
1996 Photonuclear Reactions Jul 28 - Aug 2 Tilton School Alan M. Nathan
1994 Photonuclear Reactions Jul 31 - Aug 5 Tilton School Andrew M. Sandorfi
1992 Photonuclear Reactions Aug 10-14 Tilton School Dennis M. Skopik
1990 Photonuclear Reactions Aug 6-10 Tilton School Roy J. Holt
1988 Photonuclear Reactions Aug 8-12 Plymouth State College Bernhard Mecking
1986 Photonuclear Reactions Aug 4-8 Holderness School Lawrence S. Cardman
1984 Photonuclear Reactions Jul 16-20 Holderness School June L. Matthews
1982 Photonuclear Reactions Aug 9-13 Colby-Sawyer College John W. Lightbody
1980 Photonuclear Reactions Aug 18-22 Tilton School Jochen H. Heisenberg
1978 Photonuclear Reactions Aug 14-18 Kimball Union Academy James S. O'Connell
1976 Photonuclear Reactions Aug 9-13 Plymouth State College Gerald A. Peterson
1974 Photonuclear Reactions Aug 5-9 Tilton School Judah M. Eisenberg
1971 Photonuclear Reactions Aug 16-20 Tilton School William E. Turchinetz
1969 Photonuclear Reactions Aug 4-8 Tilton School Henry S. Valk
1967 Photonuclear Reactions Aug 14-18 Tilton School Paul F. Yergin
1965 Photonuclear Reactions Aug 9-13 Tilton School W. D. Whitehead
1963 Photonuclear Reactions Aug 5-9 Tilton School D.J. Zaffarano
1961 Photonuclear Reactions Aug 21-25 Kimball Union Academy James E. Leiss
1959 Photonuclear Reactions Aug 24-28 Kimball Union Academy A. O. Hanson
Peter Axel
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