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The “Vibrational Spectroscopy” Gordon Research Conference continues its long-standing tradition of enabling researchers who apply vibrational spectroscopies in their investigative sub-fields to share recent discoveries, and to promote novel applications of this central spectroscopic technique. This meeting stems from one of the oldest continuing GRC conferences originally entitled “Infra-Red Spectroscopy” which began in 1954 and developed into more traditional meetings entitled “Vibrational Spectroscopy” in order to include Raman, neutron, nonlinear and other vibrational spectroscopic methods. The field of vibrational spectroscopy now includes the study of time-dependent molecular phenomena, molecular dynamics, and quantum theories.

A small number of emerging topical areas are chosen for each meeting in order to highlight newly defined problems of fundamental interest, and major advances in existing areas. The conference format typically has two or three invited speakers from a given topical area, with each topic discussed during a morning or evening session. Each session is under the charge of a discussion leader who is extremely familiar with the field, and provides a 10-15 minute perspective to place the discussion in context, and to stimulate an active and productive discussion period. The combination of a pleasant, self-contained, and relatively isolated physical environment with limited attendance (we hosted 109 attendees in 2006) promotes strong interaction between researchers from related but different sub fields. We also strongly encourage active graduate student and postdoctoral participation (recently half of the attendance) by subsidizing registration fees and travel. Students may give short talks or present their work at lively poster sessions (typically held in two shifts throughout the week) where the students meet leading researchers in the field of vibrational spectroscopy.

What is a GRC? Gordon Research Conferences (GRC) are 5-day meetings that bring scientists together from around the world to present and discuss unpublished research with other leaders in their field.

Related Conference

This Gordon Research Conference (GRC) series is related to the "Vibrational Spectroscopy" Gordon Research Seminar (GRS) series. Although a related GRS will typically be scheduled in conjunction with its parent GRC each time it meets, that may not always be the case. Refer to the individual meetings in the Meeting History section below for more details. For more information about the associated Gordon Research Seminar (GRS) series, click here.

What is a GRS? Gordon Research Seminars (GRS) are 2-day meetings that bring graduate students and post-docs together to discuss their cutting edge research among peers and mentors. Each GRS immediately precedes an associated Gordon Research Conference (GRC), and topics addressed at the GRS relate closely to the GRC.

Meeting History

YearMeeting NameDatesConference SiteChair(s)
2018 Vibrational Spectroscopy Jul 29 - Aug 3 University of New England Andrew Orr-Ewing
Nien-Hui Ge
2016 Vibrational Spectroscopy
Vibrational Structures and Dynamics
Jul 17-22 University of New England Elsa C.Y. Yan
Victor S. Batista
2014 Vibrational Spectroscopy
Watching Molecules at Work
Aug 3-8 University of New England Arthur L. Utz
Mischa Bonn
2012 Vibrational Spectroscopy Aug 5-10 University of New England Franz M. Geiger
Edwin L. Sibert
2010 Vibrational Spectroscopy
Probing Structure and Dynamics
Aug 1-6 University of New England Tianquan Lian
Brooks H. Pate
2008 Vibrational Spectroscopy Aug 3-8 Mount Holyoke College Philip J. Reid
2006 Vibrational Spectroscopy
Probing Structure and Dynamics
Jul 2-7 University of New England F. Fleming Crim
2004 Vibrational Spectroscopy Jul 11-16 Roger Williams University Sanford Ruhman
2002 Vibrational Spectroscopy Jul 28 - Aug 2 Salve Regina University Edwin J. Heilweil
2000 Vibrational Spectroscopy Aug 6-11 Salve Regina University Edwin J. Heilweil
1998 Vibrational Spectroscopy Jul 26-31 Plymouth State College Bruce S. Hudson
Alexander L. Harris
1996 Vibrational Spectroscopy Jul 14-19 New England College Anne B. Myers Kelley
1994 Vibrational Spectroscopy Aug 14-19 Brewster Academy Alan Campion
1992 Vibrational Spectroscopy Aug 3-7 Brewster Academy Timothy A. Keiderling
1990 Vibrational Spectroscopy Aug 6-10 Brewster Academy John F. Rabolt
1988 Vibrational Spectroscopy Aug 15-19 Brewster Academy William H. Woodruff
1986 Vibrational Spectroscopy Aug 11-15 Brewster Academy Richard B. Miles
1984 Vibrational Spectroscopy Aug 20-24 Brewster Academy Cherry A. Murray
1982 Vibrational Spectroscopy Aug 23-27 Brewster Academy Richard Van Duyne
1980 Vibrational Spectroscopy Aug 18-22 Brewster Academy Erich P. Ippen
1978 Vibrational Spectroscopy Aug 21-25 Brewster Academy Clara D. Craver
1976 Infrared and Raman Spectroscopy Aug 23-27 Brewster Academy C.K.N. Patel
1974 Infrared and Raman Spectroscopy Aug 19-23 Kimball Union Academy George E. Leroi
1972 Infrared Spectroscopy Aug 14-18 Kimball Union Academy Otto Schnepp
1970 Infrared Spectroscopy Aug 17-21 Kimball Union Academy Jon T. Hougen
1968 Infrared Spectroscopy Aug 19-23 Kimball Union Academy Samuel Krimm
1966 Infrared Spectroscopy Aug 22-26 Kimball Union Academy Robert M. Hexter
1964 Infrared Spectroscopy Aug 24-28 Kimball Union Academy Ellis R. Lippincott
1962 Infrared Spectroscopy Aug 27-31 Kimball Union Academy M. Kent Wilson
1960 Infrared Spectroscopy Aug 22-26 Kimball Union Academy Donald A. Ramsay
1958 Infrared Spectroscopy Aug 18-22 Kimball Union Academy Foil A. Miller
1956 Infrared Spectroscopy Aug 20-24 Kimball Union Academy Elkan R. Blout
1954 Infrared Spectroscopy Aug 2-6 Kimball Union Academy Richard C. Lord
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