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Cancer Genetics & Epigenetics
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What is a GRC? Gordon Research Conferences (GRC) are 5-day meetings that bring scientists together from around the world to present and discuss unpublished research with other leaders in their field.

Meeting History

YearMeeting NameDatesConference SiteChair(s)
2017 Cancer Genetics & Epigenetics
Cancer Epigenetics: Mutations, Functions, and Therapies
Apr 23-28 Renaissance Tuscany Il Ciocco X. Shirley Liu
Saverio Minucci
2015 Cancer Genetics & Epigenetics
Deciphering the Cancer Genome and Epigenome to Develop Novel Therapies
Apr 12-17 Renaissance Tuscany Il Ciocco Ricky Johnstone
Stephen B. Baylin
2013 Cancer Genetics & Epigenetics Apr 21-26 Renaissance Tuscany Il Ciocco Joseph F. Costello
2011 Cancer Genetics & Epigenetics Jan 23-28 Ventura Beach Marriott Kristian Helin
Bruno Amati
2009 Cancer Genetics & Epigenetics Jan 25-30 Ventura Beach Marriott Jean Pierre J. Issa
Thea D. Tlsty
2007 Cancer Genetics & Epigenetics May 20-25 Renaissance Tuscany Il Ciocco En Li
Thomas Jenuwein
2005 Cancer Genetics & Epigenetics Jan 23-28 Crowne Plaza Ralph Scully
Peter Jones
2003 Cancer Genetics & Epigenetics Jan 5-10 Crowne Plaza Benjamin Tycko
Rosanna Weksberg
2000 Cancer Genetics & Epigenetics Feb 20-25 Ventura Beach Marriott Bill P. Bennett
Jill James
1998 DNA Alteration in Transformed Cells Aug 9-14 Colby-Sawyer College Melanie Ehrlich
1996 DNA Alteration in Transformed Cells Jun 30 - Jul 5 Tilton School Alan Pinter
Janos Minarovits
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