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Detecting Illicit Substances: Explosives & Drugs
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Explosives and drugs continue to have a very profound impact on society in economic, social and security terms. Terrorist bombings targeting civilians and economic infrastructure, the hidden legacy of post-conflict landmine proliferation, and the trafficking of illegal drugs are examples of problems with global reach. Technology capable of detecting explosives and drugs has a vital role to play in protecting society by enabling the prevention of harm and injury, the interdiction of explosives and narcotics, and the prosecution of illegal activities. Whilst the effective use of technology, and the underpinning scientific research and development require the policy and operational constraints to be understood, it is also the case that new technologies can drive the policy agenda by providing new or enhanced capabilities. This conference brings together influential policy makers and researchers working at the frontiers of science to shape the next generation of detection technologies. Focusing on innovative and not-yet-published research, novel concepts for detection are explored in a unique environment emphasizing group discussion and informal peer-review.

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Meeting History

YearMeeting NameDatesConference SiteChair(s)
2013 Detecting Illicit Substances: Explosives & Drugs
The Delicate Balance of Science, Technology and Facilitation
May 26-31 Les Diablerets Conference Center Jaap C. De Ruiter
Tim J. Rayner
2011 Detecting Illicit Substances: Explosives & Drugs
Countering the Adaptive Adversary: The Revolution of New Materials and Creative Concealments
Jun 26 - Jul 1 Renaissance Tuscany Il Ciocco David A. Atkinson
Samantha L. Ollerton
2009 Detecting Illicit Substances: Explosives & Drugs
Sampling, Signatures and Clutter: Unconventional and Novel Approaches to Age-Old Problems
Jun 14-19 Les Diablerets Conference Center Louis S. Wasserzug
Shabana Haque
2007 Detecting Illicit Substances: Explosives & Drugs
Safeguarding Society: Novel Detection Concepts and Enhanced Technology Integration
Sep 16-21 Big Sky Resort Amy M. Waters
Matthew D. Brookes
2005 Detecting Illicit Substances: Explosives & Drugs Aug 28 - Sep 2 Les Diablerets Conference Center Jeanne W. Lin
Richard T. Lareau
2003 Illicit Substance Detection: Explosives Jun 8-13 Renaissance Tuscany Il Ciocco Susan F. Hallowell
Nick Cartwright
2000 Illicit Substance Detection: Explosives Jul 8-13 Connecticut College Lyle Malotky
Richard Lacey
1997 Illicit Substance Detection: Explosives Aug 24-29 The Queen's College John B. Daly
Steve Burmeister
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