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The permeable sediments GRC is a venue to expand the discussion of hydrology and flow systems beyond traditional terrestrial aquifers to marine environments. Recent studies have changed our understanding of the scales of processes such as flow, chemical exchange, and biological activity within permeable sediments. The recognition that these systems operate as optimized reactors for mobile and particulate phases has sparked a reassessment of exchange rates at meso and macro scale interfaces (e.g. sediment/water, terrestrial/marine). The importance of these processes has promoted collaborations among such varied groups as hydrologists, geophysicists, biologists, geochemists, and oceanographers. The Gordon Research Conference on Permeable Sediments promotes interdisciplinary approaches to understanding the processes and reactions characteristic of these dynamic systems. Discussion and presentations have included: State of the art techniques and instrumentation for sampling, measurements and analyses in permeable sediments; Case studies of the cycling of matter through these systems; Methods for modeling transport and reactions along pore water flow paths; and the impact of these systems on the exchange of materials and water between terrestrial and marine environments and across benthic/aqueous interfaces. The broader community now views permeable systems in terms of environmental and human health concerns, implications for climate change, and engineering models applicable to these systems (e.g. heterogeneous catalysis). The conference provides an opportunity to exchange ideas and technologies among diverse disciplinary groups working on permeable systems. The overall goal is to identify new research foci in permeable sediments and to develop strategies to integrate the field into the science objectives of the larger community of earth, ocean, and environmental scientists.

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Meeting History

YearMeeting NameDatesConference SiteChair(s)
2006 Permeable Sediments Jun 25-30 Colby College Timothy J. Shaw
Carolyn Oldham
2003 Permeable Sediments Jun 15-20 Bates College Richard A. Jahnke
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