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Cell Biology of Metals
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The Cell Biology of Metals Gordon Conference was initiated to provide a forum for an emerging field, encompassing the uptake, distribution and use of metals in cells and organelles. Metals are taken up across membranes and are directed to various cellular destinations, ultimately finding their way into the correct metalloproteins. Intricate mechanisms control uptake, distribution, trafficking, and insertion into proteins. Transporters, chelators, metal cofactors, protein folding chaperones, metallochaperones, transcription factors and translation regulators are involved. The level of complexity equals that of the protein trafficking pathways that are being characterized by modern methods of cell biology. An important objective is to understand how protein trafficking pathways and metal trafficking pathways are integrated and intersect. Other areas of focus are mechanisms of metal ion homeostasis, how cells sense diverse metal ions, and how homeostatic mechanisms for different metal ions are interconnected. Cellular malfunction or disease ensue if any of the steps in metal homeostasis are perturbed, and the meeting emphasizes these disease related implications. The sessions are organized according to cell structure, cutting across metals (Fe, Cu, Zn, Mo) and evolutionary categories.

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Related Conference

This Gordon Research Conference (GRC) series is related to the "Cell Biology of Metals" Gordon Research Seminar (GRS) series. Although a related GRS will typically be scheduled in conjunction with its parent GRC each time it meets, that may not always be the case. Refer to the individual meetings in the Meeting History section below for more details. For more information about the associated Gordon Research Seminar (GRS) series, click here.

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Meeting History

YearMeeting NameDatesConference SiteChair(s)
2017 Cell Biology of Metals
Metals in Physiology and Disease
Jul 23-28 Mount Snow Michael Petris
Roland Lill
2015 Cell Biology of Metals
Mechanisms from Microbes to Humans
Jul 26-31 Mount Snow Dennis J. Thiele
Amy E. Palmer
2013 Cell Biology of Metals Jul 28 - Aug 2 Salve Regina University David J. Eide
Caroline C. Philpott
2011 Cell Biology of Metals Jul 31 - Aug 5 Salve Regina University David P. Giedroc
Sabeeha Merchant
2009 Cell Biology of Metals
Metal Metabolism and Disease
Aug 9-14 Salve Regina University Valeria Culotta
Walter Schaffner
2007 Cell Biology of Metals Jul 29 - Aug 3 Salve Regina University Andrew Dancis
Jonathan Gitlin
2005 Cell Biology of Metals Jul 3-8 Bates College Dennis R. Winge
Nigel Robinson
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