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Stochastic Physics in Biology
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The Gordon Research Conference (GRC) on "Stochastic Physics in Biology" focuses on research interface where physics and mathematics meet molecular and cellular biology. The organizers realize that, to a large extent, the current view of living cells is as a deterministic, machine-like system. This is evident from the writing of leading molecular biologists. See for example "The cell as a collection of protein machines: Preparing the next generation of molecular biologists" by Bruce Albert (Cell, vol. 92, p. 291) and "From 'simple' DNA-protein interactions to the macromolecular machines of gene expression" by Peter von Hippel (Annu. Rev. Biophys., vol. 36, p. 79). However, due to significant advances in our understanding of gene expression regulation, and more recently measurements on dynamics of single-cells gene expression with large fluctuations, a stochastic view of cell biology has emerged. At the same time, a theory of stochastic physics has emerging in theoretical physics of complex systems. The conference seeks a stochastic dynamic description of biological behavior, functions, and differentiations. The new description will have profound implications to many fields of biological sciences, including Darwin’s evolution theory, as well as physical sciences and mathematics.

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Meeting History

YearMeeting NameDatesConference SiteChair(s)
2017 Stochastic Physics in Biology
Landscapes, Stochastic Dynamics, and Heterogeneity in Biology
Jan 8-13 Four Points Sheraton / Holiday Inn Express Jin Wang
2015 Stochastic Physics in Biology
Foundations and Current Trends
Jan 11-16 Ventura Beach Marriott Steven J. Altschuler
2013 Stochastic Physics in Biology
Foundations and Current Trends
Jan 13-18 Four Points Sheraton / Holiday Inn Express Hong Qian
2011 Stochastic Physics in Biology Jan 23-28 Four Points Sheraton / Holiday Inn Express Ken Dill
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