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CAG Triplet Repeat Disorders
Gordon Research Conference

CAG Triplet Repeat Diseases: Common Principles and Unique Mechanisms


June 4-9, 2017


Mount Snow
West Dover, VT Site Information


Erich E. Wanker

Vice Chair:
Christopher A. Ross

Application Deadline

Applications for this meeting must be submitted by May 7, 2017. Please apply early, as some meetings become oversubscribed (full) before this deadline. If the meeting is oversubscribed, it will be stated here. Note: Applications for oversubscribed meetings will only be considered by the Conference Chair if more seats become available due to cancellations.

Meeting Description

The CAG Triplet Repeat Disorders are a group of largely untreatable, heritable neurological disorders, which result from an expansion in a CAG trinucleotide repeat in mutant genes. They include Huntington's disease (HD), spinal and bulbar muscular atrophy (SBMA, Kennedy's disease), several spinocerebellar ataxias, and dentatorubropallidoluysian atrophy (DRPLA). Extended CAG repeats in the coding regions of genes result in abnormally long polyglutamine tracts in the mutant proteins. Marked similarities in the underlying genetics and the neurological symptoms suggest common pathogenic mechanisms. Exciting new efforts to unravel these mechanisms have recently been made in the area of proteostasis research, which is of high relevance to understanding proteopathies like CAG repeat diseases. To delineate the networks of cellular homeostasis in their entirety "-omics" approaches have moved into the focus and have unraveled surprising new connections between the molecules involved in disease. Seeding and spreading of misfolded protein species have recently been recognized as perhaps highly relevant to pathogenesis. Connected to these phenomena, innovative technologies to identify relevant targets, disease markers and effective therapeutics are in development. To increase the pace of molecular discovery and to accelerate translation into the clinic, a multidisciplinary effort is required.

The 2017 Gordon Research Conference on CAG Triplet Repeat Disorders and the associated Gordon Research Seminar (GRS) will gather young investigators and established senior scientists to deliver thought-provoking lectures on the cutting edge of science. In keeping with the Gordon Research Conference tradition, there will be ample time for structured discussions led by peers and for informal discussion and social interaction. Strong emphasis is placed on training and mentoring, and time will be devoted to career issues. All participants are required to submit posters, based on which invitations for short talks will be issued. Priority will be given to women, minorities and persons with disabilities when selecting speakers.

Related Meeting

This GRC will be held in conjunction with the "CAG Triplet Repeat Disorders" Gordon Research Seminar (GRS). Those interested in attending both meetings must submit an application for the GRS in addition to an application for the GRC. Refer to the associated GRS program page for more information.


Preliminary Program

The topics and speakers for the conference sessions are displayed below (italics denote discussion leaders). The Conference Chair is currently developing their detailed program, which will include the complete meeting schedule, as well as the talk titles for all speakers. The detailed program will be available by February 4, 2017. Please check back for updates.

  • Keynote Session: Disease Mechanisms and Phenotypes
    (Leslie Thompson / Henry Paulson / Ulrich Hartl)
  • Common Pathogenic Mechanisms in Neurodegenerative Diseases
    (Diane Merry, Harry Orr / Jeffrey Rothstein / Robert Richards / Judith Frydman)
  • The Toxic Conformer: Does It Exist?
    (Laura Ranum, Christopher Ross / Ronald Melki / Meewhi Kim / Matthew Disney / Louise Serpell)
  • Impairment of DNA Repair Mechanisms in CAG Repeat Diseases
    (Marian Difiglia, Jang-Ho Cha / Leslie Jones / Hitoshi Okazawa / Partha Sarkar)
  • What Can We Learn from Large OMIC Data Sets for Disease Research?
    (Daniel Lavery, Gillian Bates / William Yang / Smita Saxena / Juan Botas)
  • Proteostasis and Protein Quality Control Mechanisms in Disease
    (Eric Reits, Joan Steffan / Nico Dantuma / Janine Kirstein / Harm Kampinga / Ai Yamamoto)
  • From Molecules to Humans: Selected Poster Presentations / Selected GRS Presentations
    (Asa Petersen, Sarah Tabrizi)
  • Innovative Technologies, Model Systems and Quantitative Methods
    (Jenny Morton, Blair Leavitt / Andreas Weiss / Elena Cattaneo / Fanny Mochel / Beatriz Alvarez-Castelao)
  • Innovative Therapeutic Strategies and Diagnostic Tools
    (Edward Wild, Henry Paulson / Sarah Tabrizi / Albert La Spada / Beverly Davidson / Gulin Oz)
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