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Organellar Channels & Transporters
Gordon Research Conference

Cell Signaling and Metabolism Regulation by Ion and Small Molecule Fluxes Across Organellar Membranes


July 30 - August 4, 2017


Mount Snow
West Dover, VT Site Information


Ildiko Szabo & Michael X. Zhu

Vice Chair:
Bruno Gasnier

Application Deadline

Applications for this meeting must be submitted by July 2, 2017. Please apply early, as some meetings become oversubscribed (full) before this deadline. If the meeting is oversubscribed, it will be stated here. Note: Applications for oversubscribed meetings will only be considered by the Conference Chair if more seats become available due to cancellations.

Meeting Description

The 2nd Gordon Research Conference on Organellar Channels and Transporters is dedicated to ion channels and transporters of intracellular membranes, including mitochondria, endosomes, lysosomes, vacuoles, endoplasmic reticulum, nuclei, peroxisomes and chloroplasts, in both animals and plants. This new GRC series represents the only conference solely dedicated to multidisciplinary studies of intracellular membrane transport proteins from plants and animals. It comes at an exciting time of this fast-developing field, which is attracting an expanding group of scientists interested in organelle membrane biology.

This dedicated conference will provide a unique opportunity for animal and plant scientists working on different organelles to share data and ideas to help addressing current challenges of organelle biology, foster collaborations, and identify new ways to treat common and rare diseases based on better understanding of mechanisms of ion/metabolite transport in various organelles.

Topics of the conference will include molecular identification, biophysical characterization, structure, physiological relevance, regulation, discovery of interaction partners, targeting and pharmacology. A special session will focus on how dysfunctional ion/metabolite transport in organelles leads to common and rare human diseases, and how the activity of organellar channels/transporters can be manipulated to treat them. A session will be dedicated to emerging methodologies employed to unravel organellar ion fluxes with novel probes and another to the roles of channels/transporters in cross-talks between different organelles.

Each session will include slots for speakers (especially for early career investigators) selected from abstracts as well as late-breaking research. Poster sessions will further enrich and stimulate interactions between participants and research communities. We hope that you will join us for this exciting meeting!


Preliminary Program

The topics and speakers for the conference sessions are displayed below (italics denote discussion leaders). The Conference Chair is currently developing their detailed program, which will include the complete meeting schedule, as well as the talk titles for all speakers. The detailed program will be available by March 30, 2017. Please check back for updates.

  • Ion Transport in Vacuoles and Peroxisomes
    (Dale Sanders / Enrico Martinoia / Youxing Jiang / Wolf Frommer / Liang Feng)
  • Solute Transport and Signaling in Mitochondria from Animals and Plants
    (Markus Schwarzlander / Nikolaus Pfanner / Jean-Claude Martinou / Adam Szewczyk / Mingfeng Tsai)
  • Emerging Methodologies: Unraveling Intracellular Fluxes with Novel Specific Probes
    (Ute Vothknecht / Sabeeha Merchant / Alex Costa)
  • Channels/Transporters in Exo/Endo-Cytosis Pathways
    (Xiaochen Wang / Reinhard Jahn / Dejian Ren / Joseph Mindell)
  • Cross-Talk Between Organelles and Different Channels/Transporters
    (Natalia Prevarskaya / Gyorgy Hajnoczky / Haoxing Xu / Giovanni Finazzi)
  • Pathophysiology of Intracellular Channels and Transporters
    (Frances Ashcroft / Shmuel Muallem / Martin Biel / Varda Soshan-Barmatz)
  • Channels and Metabolite Transporters in Chloroplasts
    (Igor Pottosin / Cornelia Spetea Wiklund / Anja Schneider)
  • Channels/Transporters of the Endoplasmatic Reticulum and Nucleus
    (Susan Hamilton / Wayne Chen / Irina Serysheva / Rebecca Sitsapesan / Hiroshi Takeshima)
  • Keynote Session: New Organellar Channels and Transporters
    (Michael Zhu, Ildiko Szabo / Rosario Rizzuto)
  • Power Hour
    (Susan Hamilton)

Funding for this conference was made possible in part by TR 002022 - 01 from the National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences (NCATS). The views expressed in written conference materials or publications and by speakers and moderators do not necessarily reflect the official policies of the Department of Health and Human Services; nor does mention by trade names, commercial practices, or organizations imply endorsement by the U.S. Government.
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