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Past Proposals (2000)

Each year, the GRC Conference Evaluation Committee (CEC) reviews proposals for new conferences submitted by the scientific community. Select a year using the drop-down list below to view the list of proposals which were approved that year by the CEC.

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Proposals Approved in 2000

  • Bioinformatics: From Inference to Predictive Models (Start: 2001)
    Jeffrey D. Thomas, Parke-Davis Pharmaceutical Research
    Adam Arkin, University of California / Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
    Ruth VanBogelen, Parke-Davis Pharmaceutical Research
  • Biological Molecules in the Gas Phase (Start: 2001)
    Michael T. Bowers, University of California, Santa Barbara
    Martin F. Jarrold, Northwestern University
  • Genomics and Structural/Evolutionary Bioinformatics (Start: 2002)
    Takashi Gojobori, National Institute of Genetics, Japan
    Andrey Rzhetsky, Columbia University
  • Granular and Granular-Fluid Flow (Start: 2002)
    Troy Shinbrot, Rutgers University
  • Musculoskeletal Biology and Bioengineering (Start: 2002)
    Ernst B. Hunziker, University of Bern
  • New Frontiers in Cancer Detection and Diagnosis (Start: 2002)
    David A. Fishman, Northwestern University
    Sudhir Srivastava, National Cancer Institute
  • Photosensory Receptors and Signal Transduction (Start: 2002)
    John Spudich, University of Texas Medical School
  • Protein Folding Dynamics (Start: 2002)
    Jay R. Winkler, California Institute of Technology
    José N. Onuchic, University of California at San Diego
  • Sensory Coding and the Natural Environment (Start: 2002)
    Pam Reinagel, Harvard Medical School
    Bruno Olshausen, University of California, Davis
  • Tuberculosis Drug Development (Start: 2001)
    Clifton E. Barry, III, US National Institutes of Health
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