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Registration Fees

Registration fees are listed on the Meeting Details page for each Gordon Research Conference and Gordon Research Seminar. To view the fees, click the "Registration Fees" option in the menu at the top right section of any Meeting Details page. Note: "Single" and "Shared" room fees cover the cost of registration, meals and rooming; "Off-Site" fees cover the cost of registration and meals only.

For more information about fees, please see the Frequently Asked Questions section at the bottom of this page.

About Registration Fees

The Board of Trustees of the Gordon Research Conferences has established a registration fee for all resident participants (speakers, discussion leaders, conferees) at each Conference. This registration fee is established to encourage attendance for the entire meeting and to provide the Conference Budget which is available to each Conference Chair. The registration fee will be charged regardless of the length of time a participant (speakers, discussion leaders, conferees) attends the Conference.

The registration fee will cover registration, room as specified, and meals for resident conferees. It will not provide for recreation, faxes, taxi, laundry, or any other personal expenses. A registration fee is also established for non-resident conferees. All activities at a Gordon Research Conference, including meal and recreation times, are intended to promote and facilitate scientific discussion and exchange information.

Accommodations (rooms and meals) are available for guests. These accommodations are limited in number and based on availability at each conference site. Guests are not permitted to attend the science sessions or the poster sessions.


Cancellations received at least 21 days prior to meeting date: You will receive all amounts paid to GRC minus a $150 handling fee. If your payment was made to GRC via credit card, the reimbursement will be issued to your credit card. If you did not use a credit card or your credit card payment was processed more than 120 days from the date refunds are issued, your reimbursement will be in the form of a check in U.S. Dollars.

Cancellations received less than 21 days prior to the meeting date, or cancellations received during the meeting: A refund is not available.

To cancel a registration, please e-mail the Conference Operations Associate for your meeting (contact information here).

Transferring Registration & Payment

The transfer of acceptances or registrations from one participant to another is not permitted. Each participant must apply and be accepted on their own scientific merit. The online application is available on our web site. If the application deadline has passed, and you have been asked to replace a canceling participant, please contact the Conference Operations Associate for your meeting (contact information here).

If your application is accepted by the conference chair, a registration link will be provided via email which must be completed and returned. If you are not able to attend the meeting, please notify GRC immediately.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do Single, Shared, and Off-Site mean?
A Single Room is not shared with another attendee. In some cases, individuals registered for single rooms share a common space and/or bathroom with other attendees. A Shared Room is shared with another attendee who registered for a shared room, or with your registered guest. You may request a specific roommate at the time of registration and GRC will make every effort to accommodate your request. Off-Site means that you do not intend to stay in the housing provided by GRC. In this case, you must arrange all of your own accommodations for the duration of the Conference.
What do "Conferee" fees include?
Single Room and Shared Room fees cover the cost of registration, meals and rooming for Conference participants. Off-Site fees cover the cost of registration and meals only. If you register at the Off-Site rate, it is anticipated that you will eat meals on-site with the other conferees.
What do "Adult Guest" fees include?
Single Room Guest fees and Shared Room Guest fees cover the cost of meals and rooming. Off-Site Guest fees cover the cost of meals only. Guests are not allowed in any of the meeting sessions or poster sessions.
What if I am not able to stay for the entire Conference? Can fees be prorated?
GRC hopes that all attendees, including Chairs, Discussion Leaders and Speakers, will participate in the entire meeting to gain the most out of the experience. Therefore, the full registration fee will be charged regardless of the length of time a conferee attends and cannot be prorated.
My question was not answered here. Who should I contact?
Please contact one of our Conference Operations Associate. Contact information is available here.
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