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General Contributions

Contributions can be made to the reserve fund in many ways, some of which are listed below. You may want to consult a professional advisor to determine the most advantageous program for you and the possible impact of the "alternative minimum tax" which may limit the income tax benefits of your charitable giving. Whether gifts are given now or posthumously, they are a tangible way to perpetuate your interest in the GRC and the future of fundamental science and technology.

When making a contribution to GRC, please indicate the amount in United States dollars.

Further information on any aspect of making a contribution to the Gordon Research Conferences may be obtained by contacting the GRC Director (contact information). We always love to talk with you.

Gifts of Cash

Cash gifts are generally deductible on your income tax return for the year in which the contribution is made (up to 50% of your adjusted gross income). Contributions in excess of this limit can be deducted over a five-year period.

Appreciated Property

Gifts of appreciated property, such as real estate and securities, can provide especially attractive tax benefits. Donors of common stocks and certain other marketable securities which have appreciated in value, not only benefit GRC but eliminate the capital gains tax on long-term holdings. The donor can deduct the full market value of qualifying securities, up to a maximum of 30% of his/her adjusted gross income in the year of the gift; excess over 30% can be deducted over the next five years. Donating real estate is complex and requires consultation between the parties.

Other Property

If you have other property, which would be subject to estate taxes at its current market value, and donate in your lifetime, you can take it as an income and gift tax charitable donation. If bequeathed by will, it may be fully deducted in figuring estate and inheritance taxes. GRC can be designated as a direct recipient or as a contingent beneficiary but, as with gifts of real estate, consultation between the parties is essential.

Gifts of "Remainder Interests" in Residences or Farms

Your residence or farm can be deeded to GRC. You retain full rights to the property until you wish to transfer it completely but you receive an immediate income tax deduction and a federal estate tax deduction.

Life-Income Gifts

Life-income gifts allow you to assign, in trust, cash securities or other assets to GRC and thus remove them from your estate. These assets are invested to pay income to you or to whomever you designate. Upon the death of the last beneficiary or the expiration of the assigned term (a lifetime or a designated number of years), the assets in trust will go to GRC to be used as you direct. Life-income gifts allow substantial charitable deductions against taxable income in the year the gift originates.

Life Insurance

You can choose to name, irrevocably, GRC as the owner and sole beneficiary of a life insurance policy. Not only can you take an immediate income tax deduction for the policy's current value, but premium payments thereafter can be deducted annually as educational contributions.

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