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Radicals & Radical Ions in Chemistry & Biology
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The Radicals & Radical Ions In Chemistry & Biology conference focuses on reactions of radicals and radical ions as applied to chemistry and biology. Fundamental processes such as electron transfer, substitution, addition, fragmentation, and rearrangements are covered in the context of a diverse range of applications including organic and polymer synthesis, enzyme catalysis, biological oxidations, DNA cleavage, photochemistry, photobiology and material science. Issues of structure, energetics, and kinetics, including the application of modern molecular orbital methods, are central to these discussions.

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Meeting History

YearMeeting NameDatesConference SiteChair(s)
2007 Radicals & Radical Ions in Chemistry & Biology Jul 1-6 Holderness School James M. Tanko
2005 Free Radical Reactions Jul 3-8 Holderness School Michael F. Schmittel
2003 Free Radical Reactions Jul 13-18 Holderness School David Crich
2001 Free Radical Reactions Jul 15-20 Holderness School Marc M. Greenberg
1999 Free Radical Reactions Jul 11-16 Holderness School Dennis P. Curran
1997 Free Radical Reactions Jul 13-18 Holderness School Janusz Lusztyk
1995 Free Radical Reactions Jul 16-21 Holderness School Stephen F. Nelsen
1993 Free Radical Reactions Jul 25-30 Holderness School Martin E. Newcomb
1991 Free Radical Reactions Jul 22-26 Colby-Sawyer College Dennis D. Tanner
1989 Free Radical Reactions Jul 24-28 Colby-Sawyer College Frederick D. Greene
1987 Free Radical Reactions Aug 24-28 Salve Regina University David Griller
1985 Free Radical Reactions Jun 10-14 Holderness School Ned A. Porter
1983 Free Radical Reactions Jun 13-17 Holderness School Marvin L. Poutsma
1981 Free Radical Reactions Jun 15-19 Holderness School Gerhart L. Closs
1979 Free Radical Reactions Jun 11-15 Proctor Academy Douglas C. Neckers
1977 Free Radical Reactions Jun 13-17 Proctor Academy Mike McBride
1975 Free Radical Reactions Jul 21-25 Proctor Academy Earl S. Huyser
1973 Free Radical Reactions Jun 25-29 Proctor Academy James F. Martin
1971 Free Radical Reactions Jun 14-18 Tilton School William A. Pryor
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