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Floral & Vegetative Volatiles
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Plants synthesize many small lipophilic molecules with high vapor pressures, with each species synthesizes only a small subset of such compounds. Some of these compounds function as internal toxins for defense against microorganisms and animal herbivores. Because of their high vapor pressure, these compounds can evaporate from the surface of intact tissues or from sites of injury, and as volatiles they serve various functions as well, from attracting pollinators to warding off potential herbivores to summoning help from enemies of herbivores. The Gordon Conference on Floral and Vegetative Volatiles examines the genetic and biochemical basis for the synthesis of these compounds and the ecological roles they play, including the mechanisms of detection and response of micro-organisms and animals to these compounds. In addition, new methods of detection and identification of plant volatiles are presented.

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Meeting History

YearMeeting NameDatesConference SiteChair(s)
2009 Floral & Vegetative Volatiles
Ecology, Analytics, Genomics, Sensory Perception and Linguistics
Aug 9-14 Magdalen College Ian T. Baldwin
Joerg Bohlmann
2007 Floral & Vegetative Volatiles Oct 7-12 Les Diablerets Conference Center Eran Pichersky
2002 Floral Scent, Biology, Chemistry & Evolution of Mar 3-8 Four Points Sheraton / Holiday Inn Express Heidi Dobson
Jette Knudsen
1999 Floral Scent, Biology & Chemistry of Sep 5-10 The Queen's College Robert A. Raguso
Gunnar L. Bergstrom
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